Light of Taiwan, the world's first mass-produced smart helmet, bringing production back to Taiwan MIT!

Release Date: 2017/01/24

JARVISH, the world’s first smart helmet is getting ready for shipping! JARVISH is bringing production back to Taiwan, completely MIT! Production takes place in the Hsinchu Science Park, and the company plans to invite the media to visit after this year. Through this, JARVISH hope to be able to establish the production techniques and intellectual property experience as Taiwanese, and thereby help Taiwanese production, allowing Taiwan to once again stand on the important world stage.


Once an important center for the world’s manufacturing industry, in 2016, Taiwan, who had depended upon exports for many years, had already fallen to number 7, and reports state that Taiwan may fall to number 9 by 2020. The shift of production overseas and falling competitiveness are indisputable truths. Taiwan is not the only country facing these difficulties, with the whole world suffering from the economic aftermath of globalization, namely the shift of production. And manpower overseas. One of the main political ideas the United States' new president Trump has is to increase American employment and production. And it’s not just the US. In 2012, Philips moved their razor production lines back to the Netherlands from China. Adidas, in 2015, moved primary production back to their headquarters. In Germany, and plan to recreate the same model in 2017 in the US.  Returning production is a global trend, and this will be an important direction. For the next wave of manufacturing. JARVISH hopes to root itself in Taiwan from the start, and establish a paragon of innovative manufacturing.


Taiwanese manufacturing started moving to China in the late 90s, mainly due to the majority of products were unable to remove themselves from. Price competition JARVISH’s products will return production to Taiwan, mainly because from the very beginning quality has been more important than cost. JARVISH originally completed a production line in Xiamen, but later, they decided to return to Taiwan for production. In addition to stringent quality control, JARVISH also hopes to earn the milestone of producing the world’s first smart helmet in Taiwan.


JARVISH has MIT located their production line in the Hsinchu Science Park, with NTCU’s Industrial Accelerator Center providing the location in the same building as Foxconn. Hsinchu SQA JARVISH also worked with a system quality assurance research lab, who stabilized the pre-shipping production system. The production line includes mechanical, electrical, and future production integrated together, as well as developing semi-automated and fully automated assemblies. ARVISH, through their rich assembly and management experience, combined precise motherboards, batteries, earphones, mics, cameras, and more between the carbon fiber helmet casing with limited space, and the EPS while complying with safety standards and maintaining immediate lifespan and the most intuitive operational process possible. JARVISH believes this kind of intellectual property will be used for more than just the production of smart helmets, and will also improve future manufacturing, as well as benefit Taiwan’s economic development to an extent.


We never stop developing, giving you more options】

Soon after shipping out the MONACO EVO S, JARVISH is set to introduce more colorful versions. JARVISH hopes to use a non-traditional sales method for their smart helmets, introducing helmets with internal wiring that users have the option of upgrading to electric modules. In the future. Software and firmware update services will also develop with the schedule made by. JARVISH’s development team, for example. The next stage is FB livestreaming, calling for help, 1 on 1 chatting, etc. providing drivers with an even better driving experience and sharing on social media.


Radiant innovation, working for Taiwan】

JARVISH has already shown their innovations on a global stage, this helmet being the world’s first smart helmet not only represents a new technology, and a new height for manufacturing, more importantly, it represents a new driving experience and a new standard for safety.  Throughout the world, especially places in Asia with high scooter density, thousands of people are injured in scooter accidents each year. The introduction of the smart helmet, the rate of accidents may be effectively reduced. Because of this JARVISH’s innovation and technical prowess has been affirmed by many different parties, this surely represents the dawn of a new era. After beating over 100 other teams to be crowned champion last year, JARVISH is set to represent Taiwan at this year’s Startup World Cup in Silicon Valley this March. In addition to competing for the $1 million US prize, JARVISH has a chance to earn glory for Taiwan, and once again gain the honor of standing at the forefront of the world for Taiwan.