Our Stroy

Our Stroy

JARVISH, an innovative company established in 2014, is developing the world’s best mass-market smart safety helmets. Our core team is made up of Ph.D’s and Motorcycle enthusiasts our core product team members,  average 20 years of industry experience. Our team has vast experience and skill with both the technical and practical aspects of the industry. Based on our experience in Taiwan we are try to build a new platform for Motorcycle safety helmets. Being in Taiwan and the greater Southeast Asia region, we see the massive use of 2 wheeled vehicles and have established our research goal to make a wearable smart tech that connects these 2 wheel drivers and changes their lives.


Our helmets are very different from traditional helmets and previous smart helmets (which only contained Bluetooth headphones). After two years of ceaseless research and development, with researchers needing to overcome great obstacles that required precise technology JARVISH now has the first shipping smart helmet in the market. In order to maintain both the optimal efficiency and safety standards, from chip to module, we developed our own special HD recording device. In order to ensure the highest safety ratings, in spite of the cost, we did away with the lithium batteries so prevalent on the market, and opted for military-grade ceramic anti-explosive batteries. Even our mic and sound systems went through countless tests and improvements. We also incorporated a black box system (similar to those found on commercial aircraft), creating the first internal motion sensor cell, which provides feedback on driving information based on big data from the cloud.


These were challenges were significant, but JARVISH overcame them in just 2 years. In addition to passing 3 major safety tests, we also succeeded in creating the world’s lightest carbon fiber helmet with a flip-up visor and then made it ‘Smart’.


JARVISH’s begin shipments in 2017, and introduce the world’s first smart helmet. In order to keep production in Taiwan, production lines for the helmet are located in the Hsinchu Science Park. From R&D, to design, to production, everything has taken place in Taiwan.


Following the commercial introduction of these era-defining smart helmets, even more colorful styles and models of safety helmet are being designed and produced, and will soon be available to purchase. JARVISH considers smart helmets to be pioneering product and platform that will define an era, as well as products closely linked to consumer’s daily lives. Much like smart phones, at first they were only cool high-tech gadgets, but quickly became an essential part of everyone’s daily life. In the near future, smart safety helmets will definitely be as common as smart phones.


In addition to motorcycle helmets, JARVISH’s future products will include all types of smart headgear, with such applications such as smart helmets for skiing, diving, firefighting, cycling, drones, extreme sports, and entertainment. All of which will include smart functions and module designs, as well as all the incorporated software needed. We also provide a cloud platform, and international-level third-party value adding services to users.