Taiwan's champion and representative JARVISH travels to the US for the Startup World Cup

Release Date: 2017/03/21

At the Startup World Cup, Taiwan’s champion and representative JARVISH arrived in San Francisco today. In addition to representing Taiwan while competing with top teams from around the world for the $1 Million US prize, JARVISH will also be able to continue to cooperate with Silicon Valley tech giants on the internet of things and smart devices.


JARVISH has concentrated its research and development on incorporating hard and software in the fields of wearable smart-tech and the internet of moving things. In the realm of internet of things development, JARVISH has the crucial position of taking hardware development and incorporating practical services. Its main members are former members of the Foxconn net communications group’s core future tech development team, and average over 20 years of industry experience. JARVISH’s first product is the world’s first successfully mass-produced professional smart motorcycle helmet. The helmet uses the world’s highest grade professional carbon fiber for the helmet, and also contains an internal camera and sensors which record your driving status in real time, and upload driver safety information to the cloud. Additionally, the helmet supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so users can link their smart phones to their helmet, and the integrated voice-control software allows users to accurately control functions such as the cloud black box recorder, start a Facebook livestream, make and receive calls, adjust earphone volume, play music, and take photos, even while traveling at high speeds, all without taking your hands off the handlebars. This May, JARVISH will introduce a precision optics helmet with an internally mounted HUD mini-projector, turning Taiwan’s professional smart motorcycle helmets into a craft, and once again placing Taiwan in the position of a leader in the tech world.


JARVISH is representing Taiwan in this year’s Startup World Cup, and announced that they would be working with Silicon Valley at the same time. During the event, JARVISH will be continue to work with Intel, Facebook, Indiegogo, nVidia and other enterprises on technology such as Internet of Things applications, big data cloud calculations and analysis, and exchange information on market trends and product development. Since the motorcycle and bicycle industry doesn’t just exist in Taiwan, but in Asia and Europe as well, JARVISH kept everything from development to production in Taiwan, and duplicate the experience to expand into Southeast Asian and Western European markets. This connects Taiwan’s rich industrial foundations and traditional helmet manufacturing industry with innovative technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud calculations. This echos the Silicon Valley of Asia development plan introduced last year.  The continued close cooperation between the Taiwan electronics industry and Silicon Valley promises a bright future for practical development.


JARVISH co-founder and head of tech Liang Weiyang explained, “JARVISH is honored to receive the full support of the San Francisco branch of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office, who have provided much help regarding travel and communication, and allowed JARVISH’s R&D team in Silicon Valley to begin preparations. JARVISH hopes that we may work together with our international partners here to speed up our projects.” JARVISH’s future products include all kinds of smart headgear. In addition to motorcycles, JARVISH will produce safety helmets and modules for skiing, the police, the military, special forces, industry, firefighting, cycling, extreme sports, and more, as well as developing related integrated software. Director of the San Francisco TECO branch Mr. Ma stated, “We all know that the Internet of Things is the next big wave in development, and its industry potential is limitless. JARVISH has already reached the stage of developing practical services for the Internet of Things, and is even able to work with Silicon Valley heavy-weights. This should allow Taiwan’s industry to improve and innovate. JARVISH is definitely a star worth watching!”