Jarvish and Sanshin Electronics are working together to develop A/VR smart helmets for the police and the military

Release Date: 2017/04/19

Jarvish/Sanshin Electronics press release

Small scale local conflicts and terrorist activity have become a new issue for the police and the military to deal with. The issue of safety is not only prominent in the general populations mind. The demand for applying technology to improve police safety while on duty and reduce conflict also increases with each passing day. Jarvish’s A/VR smart helmet incorporates the Internet of Things concepts, incorporating a multitude of sensors, wireless connectivity and cloud-based management software for massive amounts of information to analyze each soldier, officer or Special Forces member’s actions on the front lines. Using the information gathered from the smart helmet, including visuals, audio, location and movement, units from all levels in the chain of command can receive and follow constant updates live from the field, and communicate with each other on the state of their missions. This allows both reactions and the chain of command to become more effective.


The CEO of the Taiwan branch of Sanshin, Mitsuhiro Murakami stated that the massive influx of visitors for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will put a great strain on security personnel. By working with Jarvish to develop an A/VR smart helmet, officers on duty may use voice controlled internet-connected video recording, coupled with facial recognition modules developed by Japan’s manufacturers to filter potential suspects. This not only improves efficiency, but also greatly lessens conflicts and makes dealing with security issues safer. The A/VR has an ergonomic interface design, allowing the user to listen to messages, speak commands and even incorporates the latest advances in wearable smart technology to improve A/VR display technology. This helps on-duty officers efficiently handle large amounts of information and react quickly!


Jarvish CEO Lu Zongxian explains, the goal for incorporating AR and VR is to allow officers to handle multiple types of information at the same time. For example, while on duty, an officer must constantly watch the situation in front of them. By using AR’s display function, officers may receive and view the latest updates and information about their missions without obscuring their vision. When officers need specific, detailed information, such as maps or blueprints, they can use HD VR to view the information they require. Wearing the Jarvish A/VR smart helmet allows officers to be “omnipresent”, quickly and easily getting a handle on the situation at hand, communicating easily with squad members. All levels of commanders may also receive information in real time to help them make quick adjustments and decisions.



The original design for Jarvish’s Smart Police Helmet has already been submitted to Japanese security officials for evaluation, and is expected to be deployed in early 2019.


About Jarvish: Jarvish combines software, optics and electronic capabilities. Jarvish’s is led by former Foxconn members and its development team is made up of soft/hardware developers from Taiwan, Silicon Valley, and India. Jarvish made the world’s first mass-produced, upgradeable smart safety helmet system with evolving and advancing services.



About Sanshin Electronics: Our motto is “Trustworthiness, Conviction and Honesty”, and this is the foundation upon which our guiding principle, “showing the value of Sanshin through our good name and quality solutions”, was made. When Sanshin Electronics (8150) first joined the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it served as a bridge between customers and producers for the electronics industry.



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