Jarvish Smart Helmet coming in March

Release Date: 2017/02/21


JARVISH is introducing their smart helmet, the first smart helmet in the world. The helmet is set to become available in Taiwan in mid-March, and JARVISH hopes to keep both production techniques and intellectual property rights in Taiwan, allowing Taiwan to once again stand upon the world stage.


JARVISH's decision to bring production back to Taiwan comes from their policy of "quality first". Originally, JARVISH had finished building a production line in Xiamen, but in the end, decided to move back to Taiwan. In addition to its high standards for quality, JARVISH was hoping that the milestone for its first smart helmet would be reached in Taiwan.


JARVISH's Taiwanese trial production is taking place in the Hsinchu Science Park, in facilities provided by NCTU's industrial accelerator center, and was done in the same building as Foxconn's Systems and Quality Assurance Lab in order to “ensure stable systems” before shipments began. JARVISH incorporated a precise motherboard, batteries, headphones, microphone, camera, and more in between its carbon fiber helmet casing and EPS. This complies with safety regulations, provides a longer usage life, and is ergonomic. In total, JARVISH has earned 48 global patents for these technologies, and the number is still rising. In the future, JARVISH is hoping to introduce helmets in colorful styles and with internal circuitry, and will provide users with the option to upgrade the electronic modules in the future.